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PQK won the Zhejiang Provincial Standard Innovation Contribution Award in November 2022

Release date: 2023-6-21

The PQK won the Zhejiang Provincial Rubber Seal Standard Innovation Contribution Award in November 2022, which is a recognition of the company's continuous efforts and outstanding achievements in the field of rubber seals. The award is further proof of the important role the company plays in the power lithium battery industry. 
As a key component mainly used for power lithium batteries, rubber seals play a crucial role in ensuring battery performance and safety. Through continuous technological innovation and quality improvement, we have successfully developed products that meet the rubber seal standards of Zhejiang Province and achieved remarkable results. 

This honor is also due to the hard work and professionalism of all our team members. They are committed to researching the most advanced materials, manufacturing processes and production processes to ensure that every step of production meets high quality standards. At the same time, we have also worked closely with relevant scientific research institutions, suppliers, etc., and achieved fruitful results in technical exchanges and sharing. 
This award will further promote the sustainable development of our company in the field of rubber seals and strengthen closer cooperation with customers. We will continue to uphold the "pursuit of excellence, customer service" concept, to provide more high-quality, reliable and competitive product so

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